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Tailoring Legal Solutions According To Your Needs

Legal Resolutions For Variety Of Needs

Legal issues can strike without warning. The Cason Law Practice, LLC, has made a commitment to help the people in the Southern Illinois, St. Louis City and County address a wide range of legal matters. Our attorney, Laninya A. Cason, Esq., has more than 20 years of legal experience in Illinois. She works directly with clients to provide the personalized attention their cases require.

More Than Two Decades Of Criminal Defense Experience

A criminal charge can change your life, and usually, not for the better. As a former Associate Justice, attorney Cason understands the criminal justice system from the inside out. Her diverse knowledge of criminal law benefits you from the very moment she takes your case.

We represent clients from across the St. Louis metropolitan area in a range of criminal matters, including:

  • Drug offenses, such as the possession and distribution of marijuana, cocaine and heroin
  • Sex crimes, such as sexual abuse, harassment and assault
  • Assault and battery, domestic violence or other violent crimes
  • Drunk driving charges

Attorney Cason’s extensive knowledge and proven ability to provide personalized criminal defense strategies have helped many clients minimize the impact of criminal charges on their lives.

Caring Representation After An Injury

After a serious injury, you need representation that will listen to your needs and work to find a legal resolution that meets them. You may face confusing insurance company demands as well as their lawyers. We can help protect your interests and help you obtain the compensation you need after an injury. Our firm handles personal injury cases involving:

  • Car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle crashes
  • Dog bites and other pet-related injuries
  • Injuries related to negligence in medical care, including birth injuries
  • Slip-and-fall accidents and other premises liability issues
  • Wrongful death

We will stand by your side in personal injury cases to uphold your rights and fight for compensation that allows you to focus on your recovery.

Helping Families Through Sensitive Matters

People facing sensitive legal matters such as divorce need more than just strong legal guidance. Attorney Cason works one-on-one with family law clients to make them feel heard and try to reduce the anxieties associated with family transitions.

We assist couples seeking divorce with all of the associated legal complications, including child support, custody and visitation agreements, complex property distribution and alimony. A proficient negotiator, Ms. Cason can work with both parties in the divorce to find solutions that work to everyone’s benefit.

Our firm knows that providing cookie-cutter advice in legal matters causes more harm than good, so we strive to approach every case as unique and apply legal strategies that will meet your individual needs.

Assisting With Probate And Estate Administration

An experienced estate planning lawyer will bring you and your family peace of mind when it comes to your assets. We can help you draft a will or set up a trust, or we can walk you through the probate process. Attorney Cason can help you with estate administration and when necessary, provide representation for probate and trust litigation matters.

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